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Music Cities Ontario

Music City is synonymous with a vibrant and prosperous local music community. It is a community of any size with a thriving music economy that is recognized, promoted, and receiving the benefits of music through an increase in jobs created, tax revenue, and spending in the community.

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The Music Cities Continuum

In Ontario, there are 10 municipalities that began the transformation towards a thriving music city, each at a different point along the music city continuum. This resource warehouse was created to support the municipalities with their transformation and encourage communities large or small across Ontario to unlock the social and economic benefits of music.

Music Cities Tools and Resources

Music is a key driver of local tourism, learn more about how you can support your music city.


What is a Music City?

Ontario Music Cities Map

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Government of Ontario

Canadian Live Music Association

Music Canada


The Numbers

Arts, entertainment, and recreation workers lost their job in 2020.

Average revenue loss reported for the live music industry in 2020.

Of professional musicians will have difficulties earning a living without live performances.

Jobs are created on average by every artist.

Ontario music venues have permanently closed their doors.

Ontario Music Cities Stakeholder Survey

This survey is designed for municipalities, artists, music advocates, and members of the live music community within the Province of Ontario to develop their music economies. Information collected will be used by CLMA and Music Canada to develop tools, resources, and recommendations for communities in need to rebuild and strengthen their Music City post pandemic.

Tools And Resources

Music City Tools and Resources

Supporting the business of live music is essential so our industry can get back to doing what they do best: creating exponential economic, social and cultural impact for artists, communities and tourism.


With the support of the Province of Ontario, CLMA and Music Canada aim to bridge the gap to bring the live music sector out of the pandemic by exploring and recommending initiatives for towns and cities across the province along several categories, including:

  • Advancing policies that support music and musicians,

  • Expanding music offices and music Advisory Boards across the province,

  • Developing initiatives that engage a broader community,

  • Supporting programs that provide access to music spaces,

  • Developing audience retention strategies for when it is safe to return to venues, festivals and music spaces,

  • Nurturing and leveraging strategic relationships with the tourism, business and other key sectors to align and advance rebuild and recovery efforts.




Ontario Music Cities Map

Explore music communities across Ontario that are the heart and soul of the province’s music scene.

Help our Music Cities Map grow by submitting your community as a thriving Music City, using the sign up info below.

Our Partners

Our Partners

Thank you to the Government of Ontario for their support, for understanding that Music Cities are an important part of our culture and liveable communities, as well as important economic drivers and job creators. Thanks to Music Canada for their world leading Music Cities strategy.

What are the benefits of a Music City?

What is a Music City?

What can I do to help turn my city into a Music City?


The Canadian Live Music Association is the voice of Canada’s vibrant live music industry, working to advance and promote its many economic, social and cultural benefits. Founded in 2014 as a champion for the collective mission of the live music industry, the Canadian Live Music Association is an expert resource for members, including concert promoters, festivals, presenters, venues, agents, ticketing companies, industry associations and suppliers. Advocacy efforts focus on policy advancement, funding, public awareness, research, and activities that unite, highlight and galvanize the work of the live music sector.

Music Canada represents Canada’s major record labels: Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada. We advocate for a healthy and vibrant Canadian music ecosystem, which includes labels, performing artists, publishers, songwriters, managers, live venues and others

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Thank you for your interest in the Music Cities Ontario program. Further information will be shared with you as soon as it is available. If your request is more immediate, please contact:

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